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Minimum order 6 bottles including Mixed Case.

With a Thermette there’s no such thing as a bad cuppa tea in the bush.  At Wilson & Co we sell the authentic New Zealand made and designed Copper Thermette, built for a lifetime of memories.


Boiling water in under five minutes with just a few twigs, a piece of paper and a match makes the Thermette a must for anyone who loves the great outdoors, road trips or long lazy picnics.

The Thermette weighs only 1.7 kgs.  Its very clever design has a unique copper cone shaped cylinder that holds the water. From a small fire at its base, heat is distributed fast to the surfaces surrounding the water that will start boiling rapidly. The heat generated also funnels out of the top of the cylinder that makes it a very efficient way to cook your eggs any style with a side of bacon.   A stainless steel cooking ring is included with your Thermette from

Nothing beats the iconic Thermette made in New Zealand for the Kiwi outdoors.

Thermette History:

The Thermette, invented in 1929 by New Zealander, John Ashley Hart, quickly became a New Zealand icon. It was during the Second World War that the Thermette became affectionately known as the `Benghazi Boiler’. A treasured piece of equipment in the field for the New Zealand Army Soldiers fighting in Lybia and other countries in North Africa. For generations since, the humble and practical Thermette has accompanied many adventures all over New Zealand bringing much joy.  Enjoying a nostalgic cuppa tea in a remote location is a revitalising and fun experience for your family and friends.

Be FIRE SAFE at all times!

Thermette from Wilson and Co includes:
Solid Copper Thermette x 1
Stainless steel cooking ring x 1
Galvanised fire ring x 1

Product dimensions
Height – 38cm tall
Weight – 1.7kg
Water volume – 2.2 litre

Wilson & Co deliver Thermette to the following countries:
Australia – (NZD $35)
Canada – (NZD $50)
New Zealand – Free Shipping (NB Rural delivery $8)
USA – (NZD $50)
United Kingdom – (NZD $55)



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